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  • Created by Pacific Southwest Credit Association, provides you with a simple and inexpensive solution to collecting unpaid, past due, bad debt and delinquent accounts from business entities.

    Our service includes a series of debt collection letters. Our debt collection letter series includes all data processing, printing, mailing, and postage. Each debt collection letter sent to your bad debt account owner is printed on a letterhead from Pacific Southwest Credit Association clearly stating the debt amount due. The three letters will be mailed directly to the bad debt account owner in 15 day intervals. The bad debt account owner is then instructed to make payment(s) directly to you.

    To use eCollectionletters create your profile enabling you to access, trigger and control the use of a single debt Collection Letter Series and/or multiple Collection Letter Series. Once you create a profile, you may choose to make a one-time purchase for a single debt Collection Letter Series or purchase in volume at discounted rates . . . the choice is yours! eCollectionLetters cost just $15.00 or less. Imagine how much you will save in salaries, overhead, postage, stress, and time.

    eCollectionLetters services offer you:
    *Low cost -$15 or less
    *No commission -payment direct to you
    *No minimum -purchase only the number of series you need
    *Account Management - easy access from your desktop

    With our low fees, why not sign up and give us a try. Let us prove to you why eCollectionLetters will become an important business partner for you!
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