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White Papers for Business Financial Management

  • Client Success Stories- COI Tracking / Insurance ComplianceBy

    Some of the success stories which enabled a client to achieve higher compliance percentage and at the same time improved their process efficiency resulting in mitigation of claims in the best possible way. Contact us to find out how we can help you to achieve your RM goals- kpaul@ebix.com
  • A Global Employer of Record in 150+ countriesBy

    Express Global Employment Solutions for Your International Workforce
  • Top Tax and Accounting Mistakes Data StudyBy

  • Caching Data in a Distributed SystemBy

    Cached data is data that is proactively stored in working memory. This is usually done to speed up processing of individual system requests. An example of this data may be a list of states in the USA, a list of web pages in the application, or a list of valid account status code.
  • 3 Ways to Simplify Your New Hire Onboarding ProcessBy

    It seems that a large portion of an HR department’s work is centered around the onboarding of new employees. There’s paperwork to process, trainings to oversee, and benefits meetings to give. But if all your time is spent onboarding new employees, when do you have the time...
  • Confessions of a CFO: 6 Challenges that Keep CFOs Awake at NightBy

    In this guide, written by and designed for CFOs and finance executives, you'll learn about specific actions that leading companies are taking to improve their performance by: • Gaining control over deferred revenue and revenue recognition. • Streamlining order management and the...
  • The CFO Guide to Budgeting Software: 10 Key Elements Mid-Sized Companies Should Look ForBy

    Choosing a budget and planning solution is an important decision. It will have a big impact on how your team creates and uses financial data. This informative report — The CFO Guide to Budgeting Software: 10 Key Elements Mid-Sized Companies Should Look For — will help you identify the key...
  • How XML Helps Improve Supplier EfficiencyBy

    XML helps improve supplier efficiency by enabling electronic document exchanges with customers, providing a technology friendly interface with suppliers’ in-house systems, and increasing reliability.
  • Performance management research study: Spotlight on budgeting and planningBy

    A BPM Partners Research Report This independent report by BPM Partners was conducted through an Internet-based survey from November, 2011 through March, 2012. The purpose of the survey was to identify important trends in Business Performance Management (BPM) and perceptions of BPM vendors...
  • TimeSolv Data SheetBy

    Internet Hosted Time & Billing and Project Management Software Solutions for Professional Services Firms * Makes timekeeping, billing and project management convenient for sole practitioners and small to medium sized firms * Eliminates costs associated with internally hosted and...
  • REVPORT Client Case Study: Baring Asset ManagementBy

    Baring Asset Management is an international investment management firm with offices, clients, and business lines spanning the world’s major markets. Barings provides investment management services in developed and emerging equity and bond markets on behalf of institutional, retail,...
  • Formulate Better BudgetsBy

    Cornerstone Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CRTX) in Cary, NC is a $125 million specialty pharmaceutical company whose success depends on the timely and strategic application of its resources. For forecasting and budgeting, the company uses Whitebirch Enterprise Planning. Cornerstone generates income by...
  • Part 2: How Distributed, Web-Based Document Capture, Automated Accounts Payable & Content ManagementBy

    This second in our three-part Briefing Series is available to enhance your knowledge of financial systems. It provides you with insider information about how to achieve both efficiency and compliance