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  • XBRL Reporting and Disclosure Management Software By Longview Solutions

    Longview FXR provides a centralized financial reporting solution with embedded support for XBRL tagging and document creation that dramatically improves financial report preparation and publishing to internal stakeholders and regulatory authorities. Longview FXR specifically focuses on... Read More
  • XPDoffice By Xpdient Inc

    Timesheet Software | Project Management | Expense Reporting | Contract Management | Human Resource Management | Purchasing Management | Invoices & Billing | Reporting Software | EVM | Communication | Synchronization Read More
  • Xtensible Financial Reporting Software with XBRL By Trintech Inc

    Unity Xtensible Financial Reporting (XFR) automates complex financial reporting processes with next-generation technology, saving your business time and money while making it easier to comply with increasingly complex regulatory requirements. Trintech’s Unity Xtensible Financial Reporting... Read More