Products in the Finance & Accounting Marketplace

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  • IFRS Software By Longview Solutions

    Longview has launched a series of initiatives to help companies grappling with IFRS adoption. View the latest IFRS press release or visit the resources available below. IFRS Readiness Assessment The Longview IFRS Readiness Assessment is now available, free of charge and can be done at any time... Read More
  • ImageGear Image Processing Library By Accusoft

    ImageGear Professional is your single source for all imaging functionality, enabling you to create high-performance custom imaging applications. An image processing library providing hundreds of imaging functions for 32- and 64-bit development, ImageGear Professional is the tool of choice for... Read More
  • ImpactECS Enterprise Cost System By 3C Software

    ImpactECS is a dedicated costing system that fits into any IT architecture. By sitting between shop floor systems that collect granular production information vital to calculate costs and ERP systems designed to amass data across the organization, ImpactECS provides an opportunity to use the... Read More
  • Infogix ACR By Infogix

    Automated Information Controls Software Solution for the Mainframe and Host-Based Environments The Infogix ACR product family is Infogix's Automated Information Controls platform of choice for mainframe and host-based computing environments. Within this product family, we offer balancing,... Read More
  • Infogix Assure By Infogix

    The Infogix Assure® solution is a next generation control product offering a robust set of automated information controls to help you detect and eliminate information errors. This product: Verifies, balances, reconciles and tracks your critical business information Control information... Read More
  • Infogix ER By Infogix

    When millions of transactions flow throughout your organization, you need a powerful, automated solution, one that is flexible and adaptable to your business needs so you can reconcile information on a daily or weekly basis, streamline close at month-end, and sustain ongoing regulatory reporting... Read More
  • Infogix Insight By Infogix

    As an information-intensive business you have a growing portfolio of automated controls to assure accurate, consistent, and reliable business processes and information. More controls are added and changed to remain synchronized with changing business needs and newly promulgated regulation.... Read More
  • Infor CloudSuite Business By Infor

    Power your company with a cloud-based operations platform built for speed, agility, and growth Strategic decision-making is essential for any small or mid-sized business, no matter if it’s B2B or B2C. Next-generation companies thrive when agility and visibility combine with global operations... Read More
  • Infor F9 Excel-Based Financial Reporting By Infor

    A reporting solution that simplifies the complex Infor F9 is a powerful financial reporting and analysis solution that provides speed, flexibility, and ease of use to more than 30,000 customers worldwide using over 150 general ledgers. Infor F9 dynamically links your general ledger data to... Read More
  • Infor Factory Track - Supply Chain Management By Infor

    Automate and simplify plant floor and inventory operations Infor Factory Track™ provides end-to-end manufacturing automation, along with warehouse mobility, traceability, and tools for tracking labor and time. Designed to help you streamline production and speed inventory operations, Factory... Read More
  • Information Governance Assessment By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

    Whether you are a small to medium (SMB) or a Fortune 500 business, it will not only earn compassion in the courtroom but save costly legal fees, penalties, and improve brand allegiance by defining system vulnerabilities from the inside out. When a company is summoned and must appear before the... Read More
  • Inovisworks™ By Open Text

    Inovisworks™ allows you to connect and exchange business documents electronically regardless of data format or network connectivity standard. You connect and communicate your way and your trading partners connect and communicate their way. Through Inovisworks, our next-generation customer... Read More
  • Insurance Underwriting & Support Services By Blackburn Group Inc.

    Blackburn Group, Inc. offers underwriting placement services to various insured in the Property, Casualty, and Workers Compensation risk and claim businesses. Our RiskPro products and services include: Comprehensive exposure identification, placement, and management for all Property,... Read More
  • Intacct Accounting Software for Nonprofit Organizations By Intacct Corp.

    Accounting software from Intacct Corp. includes the company's accounting software solutions for nonprofit organizations. Streamline grant, fund, project, and donor accounting with specialized nonprofit financial management and accounting capabilities. Put your financial processes, reporting,... Read More
  • Intacct Financial Management and Accounting By Intacct Corp.

    Count on Intacct for comprehensive, fully integrated financial management and accounting solutions that meets your evolving business needs. Let Intacct help you transform your finance organization with comprehensive functionality—from core accounting to global financial management. Our sole... Read More
  • Intacct Mid-Market Financial Management and Accounting Software By Intacct Corp.

    As your organization evolves and grows so does the need for a financial foundation that can scale to address your increasingly complex financial requirements. Intacct provides powerful automation and integration, superior compliance, and auditability, plus the unlimited flexibility and scale... Read More
  • Integrated Advisor Desktop By NexJ Systems Inc.

    Financial Services firms can use NexJ Contact for Finance to seamlessly integrate NexJ’s best-of-breed CRM functionality with existing applications and data to provide their users with an integrated advisor desktop solution. Industry leading firms use NexJ's integrated advisor desktop... Read More
  • Integrated Agent Desktop By NexJ Systems Inc.

    Extract additional value out of existing systems by presenting a customer-centered view of insurance information. Agents can view account policy information and claims history in combination with detailed customer profiles. Products, policies and services are aggregated by household, so agents... Read More
  • Integrated Asset Management By Real Asset Management

    Real Asset Management's (RAM) market leading Series4000 range integrates virtually every aspect of fixed asset management. The suite consists of 13 comprehensive modules and incorporates depreciation, federal and state tax, asset budgeting and forecasting, lessee asset accounting, capital... Read More
  • Integrated ERP with Content Management and Workflow By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

    IDT knows how to make ERP and ECM operate together to help design, program, integrate, implement, and support a complete solution. With nearly two decades of accumulated knowledge - with dozens of applications and experience in several industries - IDT knows how to make ERP and ECM operate... Read More
  • IntelliMax Hospital Intelligence By Cortell International

    IntelliMax provides Performance Management to Hospital executives, operational and case managers using modern Business Intelligence tools such as cubes, grids and electronic reports to analyse profitability, clinical outcomes, use of resources, etc al in one system. It collects data from a... Read More
  • Interfaces By Legiant

    Legiant Timecard will interface with almost any payroll, human resource and ERP system in today's marketplace. You have made significant investments in your current back office systems and you want to make sure your new Time and Attendance system will be able to integrate and add value to... Read More
  • Invoice Automation By Verian

    Results you can expect: * Double invoices processed per clerk * Lower cost per invoice by over $7.00 * Approve invoices in under 3 days * Capture more early pay discounts * Increase AP accrual accuracy 43% * Eliminate duplicate and inaccurate invoices Verian’s invoice processing software... Read More
  • Invoice Factoring By Charter Capital - Invoice Factoring Made Simple

    Invoice factoring is the practice of transferring title of accounts receivable to a third-party (the factor) at a discount, in return for prompt cash. Read More
  • iPayables InvoiceWorks By iPayables inc

    iPayables is the leading provider of advanced electronic invoice, approval workflow, and payment solutions. Our broad service offering is used by more than 37,000 companies in over 150 countries, including over half of the Fortune 100. We power the world’s largest electronic invoice industry... Read More