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  • Dashboards By TCM infosys

    Dashboards Deliver Instant Visualisation of Financial Data In businesses today, more data is available than ever before. But this data volume and complexity can become a problem. You need to find the most relevant information, and deliver it to your key decision-makers expediently and in a... Read More
  • Data Collection By Legiant

    Data Collectionis the first step in your Time and Attendance process, and this step must be accurate and easy for your employees to use. It is imperative to select the right collection methods because the information gathered here will fuel the entire system. Legiant offers data collection... Read More
  • Data Collection By Asset Systems Inc.

    DataCAP supports automatic identification technology using bar codes or RFID. Complete data collection for all transaction types, audit controls and communication. Available in Batch, WIFI or Cellular pltforms. Read More
  • Data Visualization Software By Longview Solutions

    Optix within Longview 7 provides an effective mechanism, utilizing graphics and KPIs, for Longview users to visualize and analyze their Longview data. Organizations can comprehensively manage performance using Optix, leveraging all enterprise data and reaching all individuals across the... Read More
  • DATABASICS Expense Reporting By DATABASICS Inc

    DATABASICS Expense Reporting is the leading expense reporting solution for controlling employee spend and automating expense management policy. Unmatched for power, flexibility and ease-of-use, DATABASICS Expense Reporting is relied upon by state governments, non-profits, industry leaders and... Read More
  • DEACOM Paint Manufacturing ERP Software By Deacom, Inc.

    For manufacturers of paint, ink, and coatings, DEACOM Integrated Accounting and Inventory ERP Software is your total paint software solution. For product formulation, DEACOM allows you to automatically calculate batch yields, maintain complete revision control, and continuously re-calculation of... Read More
  • DEACOM Specialty Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software By Deacom, Inc.

    DEACOM chemical manufacturing software delivers all the necessary functionality required by specialty chemical manufacturers. Designed to handle the specific needs of batch product producers based on formulas, the DEACOM Integrated Inventory and ERP System links formulation management with... Read More
  • Define Sales Process By Richardson

    Richardson understands the complexities of today’s changing sales environment and works with clients to align the new realities with predictive measures of their success. Achieving a state of Readiness involves a measured approach to mapping an effective sales process, identifying leading... Read More
  • Demand Solutions Advanced Planning & Scheduling By Demand Management Inc.

    Demand Solutions Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) is a powerful and easy-to-use production scheduling solution that quickly produces accurate schedules taking into account machines, personnel, tooling and inventory constraints. The Demand Solutions Advanced Planning & Scheduling software... Read More
  • Demand Solutions Collaboration By Demand Management Inc.

    Demand Solutions Collaboration offers a certified CPFR compliant collaborative planning solution that streamlines communications among a company and its customers and suppliers. This solution minimizes the barriers to entry for smaller trading partners, who need only a Web browser, and extends... Read More
  • Demand Solutions Forecast Management By Demand Management Inc.

    Demand Solutions Forecast Management provides a powerful yet easy to use demand planning solution that fits virtually any industry and deploys quickly. The system offers significant flexibility and allows the user to select the forecasting formula that best addresses each item’s demand pattern... Read More
  • Demand Solutions Requirements Planning By Demand Management Inc.

    Demand Solutions Requirements Planning incorporates collaborative planning capabilities to streamline supply activities from the production line through delivery. With instant analysis of the projected demand for unlimited items against current inventory, Requirements Planning recommends the... Read More
  • Demand Solutions Retail Planning By Demand Management Inc.

    Demand Solutions Retail Planning is a complete account management system that meets the rigorous challenges presented by store-level assortment planning and replenishment. This powerful solution optimizes store-level replenishment for manufacturers and distributors who must track millions of... Read More
  • Demand Solutions Sales & Operations Planning By Demand Management Inc.

    Demand Solutions Sales & Operations Planning automates and continually analyzes the annual planning process, allowing you to anticipate and plan for changes. There are two annual business plans available for each of the sections of data (bookings, sales, production, inventory, backlog and... Read More
  • Digital Archiving By Iron Mountain

    Iron Mountain’s full complement of digital archiving, email archiving and image archiving services includes solutions for email management and inactive file storage that greatly improve your control and management abilities while allowing you to avoid tying up capital. You also get the benefit... Read More
  • Disclosure Mangement Software By Tagetik

    Once upon a time, creating statutory filings and fulfilling reporting requirements involved only Finance staff and data. Not anymore. Today, information must be aggregated from multiple organization stakeholders — a process that remains manual, disjointed and error-prone. What’s required is a... Read More
  • DocFinity Access By Optical Image Technology

    The real benefits of an ECM system occur with the ability to locate, retrieve, and process your documents immediately and securely, regardless of your location. Our secure Web-based system provides access to your information whenever—and in whatever form—you want it. DocFinity offers multiple... Read More
  • DocFinity Automation By Optical Image Technology

    The DocFinity BPM/Workflow module makes it easy to use and configure a workflow. All of its features — from process modeling and design to job processing — can be accessed through a standard Web browser. With just a little training on the software and a well-thought-out process, anyone can build... Read More
  • DocFinity Capture By Optical Image Technology

    DocFinity software offers several methods of importing documents into the DocFinity ECM repository that make capture painless and hassle-free. • Scanning—Used for backfile conversion and capturing paper as it enters your organization. There are no scanning station charges and there is no volume... Read More
  • DocFinity eForms By Optical Image Technology

    DocFinity eForms offers significant enhancements over previous forms products. Like all products, features, and functionality in the DocFinity suite, eForms can be configured, administered, supported, and used within a single web-based interface, streamlining administration for IT administrators... Read More
  • DocFinity Integration By Optical Image Technology

    DocFinity offers easy integration with your line-of-business applications, back-office system, website, portal, office environment, etc. Business benefits: • Image enablement. This makes information available at people’s fingertips by integrating documents with line-of-business applications.... Read More
  • DocFinity Lifecycle Management By Optical Image Technology

    Retention, disposition, long-term storage, and disaster recovery are critical considerations in document management. At any point in time, you may be required to produce documents on demand by an auditor, lawyer, customer, or other interested party. DocFinity lets you automate your records... Read More
  • DocFinity System Administration By Optical Image Technology

    Ease of use is as predominant in the back end of DocFinity as it is in the front end. DocFinity streamlines system administration with a single web interface for all configuration and management. This allows system administrators to: • Handle complete system administration from any location.... Read More
  • DocFinity Versioning By Optical Image Technology

    DocFinity Versioning tracks changes to documents, including changes to files, metadata, and markup. It depicts the history and evolution of a document, and allows users to revert a document to a previous version. Benefits: • Tracks and stores changes for a richer audit trail • Displays the... Read More
  • Document Capture Software By Kofax

    Kofax Capture automates and accelerates business processes by capturing all types of paper and electronic documents and forms, transforming them into accurate and actionable information, and delivering it all into users' core business applications, processes and workflows. Whether the... Read More
  • Document Extraction and Migration Services By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

    What Content Services, Information Management or ECM platform do you choose going forward into the 21st Century? Since 1992, IDT has been working with companies across the United States to implement ECM systems and have done our fair share of data and document conversion from one platform to... Read More
  • Document Management & Records Retrieval By EDCO Group, Inc.

    EDCO Group's document management solutions include document storage and retrieval. When storing documents with EDCO, clients can: -Access records 24 hours per day, seven days per week -Requested records are delivered electronically -No removal fees for permanently removing boxes Physical... Read More
  • Document Management Capabilities By Tenrox by Upland

    Best of Breed Cloud Project Management Software on the Microsoft and SharePoint Platform Tenrox fully leverages the Microsoft technology stack including Microsoft Workflow Foundation, Outlook and SharePoint to provide you with a powerful SharePoint project management solution. The following... Read More
  • Document Management Services and Solutions By Digital Documents, LLC

    The document management services and solutions from Digital Documents are designed to free information trapped on the printed page and transform it into usable content. Document management services include: document imaging services; platform independent file search & retrieval; scan documents... Read More
  • Document Management Software By FileHold Systems Inc.

    FileHold document management software delivers essential document, record and workflow management capabilities, including: Document & records management for both short- and long-term working and archived documents, and advanced record retention and disposition policies for both electronic and... Read More
  • Document Management/ECM Services By DocVentive

    DocVentive offers a broad range of document management/enterprise content management (ECM) services, including: Documaker; Documaker Desktop (PPS); Documaker Interactive; Documerge Conversion; Calligo/IStream Upgrade; Calligo/IStream Conversion; Archive/Migration Services; Form Services;... Read More
  • Document Scanning and Microfilm/fiche Conversion Servicdes By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

    Looking for Data Entry Services or are you in need of converting your paper-based information to digital images or microfilm/microfiche to image format but face a pressing deadline, staffing or equipment issues? Turn to IDT Conversion Services for help. IDT is the premier provider of data entry... Read More
  • Docusign By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

    Sales contracts, new bank accounts, tax documents, loans and rental agreements and more all require documents to complete the transaction. DocuSign accelerates these often manual, paper-based processes by helping companies complete them online from start to finish. Only DocuSign can securely... Read More
  • DoubleCheck GRC & Audit software By DoubleCheck LLC

    DoubleCheck™ LLC is a leading GRC solutions software company. The DoubleCheck™ Platform includes solutions for activities such as SOX Compliance, Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Audit Management. The DoubleCheck™ GRC & Audit Platform includes: 1. DoubleCheck v2.2: Serves as... Read More
  • Dynamic Budgeting, Forecasting, and Planning By Whitebirch Software, Inc.

    Integrated Financial Statements: Competing products talk about full integration, but require you to build the logic. Financial statement integration is more than a skeleton; it is fully automated. Deferred revenue flows to the balance sheet, loan interest flows to the income statement.... Read More