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  • Business Insight, Multi-dimensional Analysis:

    Multi-dimensional analysis: Whitebirch has the ability to dynamically slice and dice your model by parts (e.g. product, region, customer) and by case (e.g. base/best/worst, new product/not, equity/debt) in real time. Dimensions are not limited to strict definitions imposed by an OLAP system:... Read More
  • Business Planning and Modeling

    Powerful modeling: Rather than the all-in-one-cell formulas of other systems, Whitebirch allows variables to be clearly defined and used in expressions. Formulas are applied to ranges of time, and can include any number of variations, in any number of Overlays, to create any number of... Read More
  • Concurrent Reporting Hierarchies:

    Concurrent Reporting Hierarchies: Reports can be reorganized into alternative hierarchies, allowing you to analyze the business and identify issues and areas of concern. The example shows two dimensions organized by expense type and by department. Any number of levels can be reorganized as... Read More
  • Dynamic Budgeting, Forecasting, and Planning

    Integrated Financial Statements: Competing products talk about full integration, but require you to build the logic. Financial statement integration is more than a skeleton; it is fully automated. Deferred revenue flows to the balance sheet, loan interest flows to the income statement.... Read More
  • Flexible Training Options

    Whitebirch offers a variety of flexible training options to assist you in becoming productive in the shortest possible time. Whether you're just getting started, need to review the fundamentals, are an intermediate or advanced user the training has been designed to ensure you have a successful... Read More
  • Plan vs. Actual Reporting:

    Plan vs. Actual reporting: Compare and contrast views of your financial data. Use historical data as a basis for your budget, and then replace projections with actual data as time moves forward. In Whitebirch, plan and actual are simply dimensions, and can mixed and matched with all other... Read More
  • Rapid Implementation

    Implementation Services With our quick-to-implement capabilities you enjoy minimal installation time. You will be up and running in as little as two days – and probably a lot sooner. Whitebirch provides the fastest transition from accounting data to fully integrated financial plan. With speed... Read More
  • Whitebirch Enterprise Planning

    With traditional spreadsheets, you end up spending more time auditing and checking for accuracy than you do constructing and using the model. Whitebirch Enterprise Planning changes all that. For the first time there is a viable alternative to Excel to do sophisticated financial modeling,... Read More

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